The trailer for the 10th series of Made in Chelsea sees the cast share some pretty odd rumours about Spencer Matthews

Yes we know they’ve been sunning themselves in the hills of Hollywood, but we love it most when the SW3 gang are causing mischief back at home in Made in Chelsea.

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And with the 10th series of the show coming soon, the trailer for it sees Jamie Laing telling Spencer Matthews that it was just business as usual while they were in L.A: ‘rumors, gossip and talking about relationships?’ Yeah. Pretty much. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But one thing that ol’ Spenny boy did feel like he was missing out on was that iconic American treat, Twinkies.

‘Oh a Twinkie would be so beaut!’


Just like a game of Chinese whispers, Lucy Watson thinks that Spencer said that ‘Binky is so beaut’ and hey presto! Rumours start flying around like nobody’s business.

But if we’re being honest, here’s 6 things that we’ve got out fingers crossed will come true and we want to see in the new series…

1.) ‘Spencer’s got one glute that doesn’t sit right’
Queen of mischief Lucy Watson climbs into bed with boyfriend James Dunmore to tell him what he heard while strutting along the streets of London. ‘Spencer thinks Binky’s a bit of alright. That’s it. See you later.’ And climbs straight back out again. We’re not sure we would’ve left if James was in out bed…

2.) ‘Spencer’s got a new suit and it’s all white’
Of course Mark Francis is shocked at the ghastly colour choice of Spencer’s suit, as he sips a cup of tea out of the world’s teeniest, tiniest cup and saucer.

3.) ‘Spencer’s got a photoshoot in the Isle of Wight’
We’re not sure what kind of photoshoot this could possibly be for but we would love to see Spenny travelling over there on a boat, one foot up posed on the side and a fisherman’s bobble hat on.

4.) ‘Spencer plays the flute but got stage fright’
Maybe Spencer has a classical music, orchestral past that we weren’t aware of? Give us a tinkle on it won’t ya Spenny?

5.) ‘Spencer has a pet newt and calls it Dwight’
We’re less shocked at this, and more excited over the fact that Ollie Locke is back in our Chelsea lives and not only that but MiC original Richard Dinan is there too! Could this mean what we think it means?! DOUBLE WHAMMY RETURN.

6.) ‘I heard the theme was fruit and the party was tonight’
Spencer turns up to a party and ready to put everything straight, before seeing Jamie standing there head-to-toe in a yellow lemon outfit. A.) Who would have a fruit-themed dress code? And B.) See what happens when rumours spread people! It’s a dangerous game.

But before you know it, Spencer takes off his jacket to reveal a white suit, and pulls out a flute to play, before running off of the stage due to stage fright.

Turns out some rumours ARE true after all!

We can’t wait to have you back you bunch of SW3ethearts (see what we did there?)

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Amy Lo