Dont miss C4's new reality show

Don’t miss Channel 4’s new reality show Seven Dwarves tonight.

The series follows a group of dwarf actors starring together in pantomime Snow White – and sharing a home – to show what life is really like for people with dwarfism.

Included in the gang are best mates Laura Whitfield, 21, a trained lifeguard who is adorned with tattoos, and 22-year-old Jamie John, a drag artist and a believer in being whoever you want to be.

‘You are you – don’t change for anybody, don’t listen to any negative comments that are thrown your way,’ says Jamie.

Next week the youngest actor in the group, teenager Josh Bennett, fights off homesickness as he turns 20 in messy style. And he reveals he’s a hit with ladies.

‘It’s always the bigger women that tend to grab me, and swing me around and shove my head in their breasts,’ he admits, but it hasn’t put him off showbiz.

‘I’d like to stay in this business as long as I can and work my way up the ladder if possible,’ says Josh, ‘and try and get maybe a bigger part in a film.’

Find out how the group get on in Seven Dwarves on Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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