She reckons Dannii Minogue's making him look bad

Sharon Osbourne has leapt to Louis Walsh’s defence after he reduced Dannii Minogue to tears on Saturday.

The Irish pop mogul accused the 37-year-old of stealing the song Rule The World for her X Factor act Rachel Hylton, which he wanted for his group JLS.

But Sharon, 56, reckons Dannii was putting it on to make Louis, 56, look bad.

Louis is genuinely upset because he doesn’t want people to think he is a bully,’ she tells The Sun.

‘It’s the last thing he is but that’s what people think when Dannii’s sitting like a porcelain doll with big fat tears rolling down her cheeks.

‘People who don’t know Louis would be watching and thinking, “That poor girl!”

Louis has Tourette’s — he has no filter — so he says whatever he thinks.

‘He’s confrontational but he’s not malicious and he’s not a bully.’

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