Sharon Osbourne‘s ditsy behaviour has sparked fresh concerns by The X Factor viewers as she forgets the name of her acts SONG.

Despite this being a singing competition, and the song being one of the most iconic of all time, and she was the one who picked it out, it slipped the judge’s mind as she introduced Saara Alto for Movie Week on Saturday.

The 64-year-old said: ‘We are about to hear one of the themes from one of the biggest movies in movie history – the Titanic song.

‘I don’t know what the song is called but it’s Saara Alto.’

Awwwwkwwwwward. Live TV can be a harsh mistress. It wasn’t until the other judges tried to help her that she ended up screaming, ‘Oh! My Heart Will Go On.’

Good effort, Sharon Osbourne.

Why does Saara cause Sharon Osbourne to forget so much? [REX/Shutterstock]

Why does Saara cause Sharon to forget so much? [REX/Shutterstock]


But that wasn’t the only supposed gaffe caught on camera. Louis Walsh said something to her and she shouted something back. Many viewers thought she shouted ‘f**k it!’ but, luckily for Ofcom, it was actually, ‘Oh stop it!’

This lead to some viewers to question Sharon, with one person writing: ‘I’m 100% sure every time I watch X Factor Sharon is drunk.’

But this isn’t the first time Mrs O has forgotten information about her contestant. Earlier in the series, she forgot Saara’s name completely, and had to be reminded by judge’s before letting her on.

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Though, Louis Walsh has insisted that she’s not drunk – she’s just tired.

In an interview with Now, he explained: ‘She’s not drunk! She’s knackered! It’s a busy job and we spend a lot of time with our acts and making sure the show is great – she’s just exhausted. Knowing Mrs O, she probably does it on purpose! She knows what she is doing, she’s brilliant.’

Ehhh, hopefully the whole forgetting song and people name’s isn’t quite on purpose. Poor Saara Alto…