Simon Cowell talks babies


feels he may have missed his chance to have a family.

The 51-year-old music mogul, who’s engaged to Mezhgan
, 36, but has not set a wedding date, isn’t sure he’s got what it takes to be an older dad.

‘I worry about that – because of my age,’ Simon reveals.

‘When I was younger my dad used to play soccer and games with me.

‘And I worry that if I was 70…

And though Simon can see the appeal of small children, he’s far less keen on screaming babies.

‘If children could be born at the age of five I’d quite like that,’ he tells Oprah Winfrey in an interview on Master Class.

‘I like them at that age, when they can talk and understand.

‘I’m not sure I could deal with the whole “ga ga goo” thing.

‘But I genuinely like kids.’

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