Former Mrs Ian Huntley wants the killer to suffer for his crime

Ian Huntley’s first wife Claire Evans is astonished that the killer, who murdered Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002, is allowed to have ‘luxuries’ in jail.

‘I’m tired of hearing about prison and how good a life he’s got – how he’s got an Xbox and how he can get on Twitter and say nasty things, how he can brag aobut eating cake and everything…’ she says.

Claire met Ian when they worked at the same factory in Grimsby, Lincolnshire and they married in 1995 after a whirlwind romance. But Claire soon started to see an unpleasant side to her husband.

‘[After the wedding day] we got home… and I was being sick,’ explains Claire, 36.

‘He poured a bottle of alcohol over me. He laughed and you could put it down to sense of humour, it wasn’t my sense of humour but it was his.

‘And the next morning there were eggs being thrown at me… he said afterwards, “I was only messing about”.’

The couple got divorced in 1999 and Claire, who was then married to Ian’s brother Wayne for 4 years, saw the abuse become more psychological after Ian was rocked by a significant life event.

‘Legally I can’t talk about this, but it was a very big shock to him and me,’ Claire tells ITV1’s This Morning.

‘That’s when he changed. Not that it/this holds responsible, because everybody had trauma in their life and it doesn’t make them a murderer, but there was something that switched in him.

‘It wasn’t hitting… it was mind games. And control. Locking me in the house… everything.’

Ian, 38, is serving two life sentences at Frankland prison and Claire vows: ‘Ian – I’m gonna make sure that your Xbox and everything you’ve got in prison is taken away… and I’m going to keep campaigning.’

Anna Francis