Now the family is wading in

While most of us are wondering whether Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor‘s romance is for real in the Celebrity Big Brother house, one person doesn’t need convincing: her cousin and co-star Sophie Kasaei, who thinks it isn’t a showmance, but that she’s getting her heart broken.

She feels that the TOWIE star was ‘really mean’ to bring up his ex-girlfriend to Marnie, which made her cry earlier this week.

Speaking to The Sun, the Geordie Shore star said: ‘I thought it was a bit friend zoning, if you like someone the first rule is never talk about an ex, so Lewis talking about his ex-girlfriend already I think that is mean.

Sophie adds: ‘She would never do that, she’s respectful, I didn’t think that was nice at all.’

The girls together [Instagram]

The girls together [Instagram]


Despite many people, including housemates, accusing the pair of being a showmance (as well as rumours they hooked up BEFORE the show), Sophie Kasaei believes it’s one hundred percent legitimate for this reason:

‘I think Marnie has a lot more feelings for him.

‘Marnie has a heart of ice and it takes a lot to make her cry like she did in the Diary Room, it’s such a shock whenever she does in Geordie Shore as she can’t just turn the tears on.

‘Her being upset like that shows she really likes him and that this is not a showmance.’

Showmance or not, maybe it’d all be a bit more convincing if they could stop saying how much they love each other EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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