EastEnders fans will finally see Sharon Mitchell come face to face for the first time with the man who could be her dad


After weeks of twists and turns, EastEnders fans will FINALLY see Sharon Mitchell meet her biological father tonight – but is it really him?

Adopted Sharon – played by Letitia Dean – has been trying to find out the identity of her real dad for a few months now and the search takes a VERY dramatic turn this evening in an episode avid Easties fans won’t want to miss.

Last night Sharon’s husband Phil (Steve McFadden) revealed that he’d tracked down his wife’s father and the couple headed to a rundown address where the mystery man lives.

It was clear that the sight of her dad came as a disappointment to Sharon though. After seeing the bearded fella come out of his house and shout at some kids sitting on a wall outside, it’s fair to say that she didn’t seem particularly keen to go and say hello.

The Albert Square favourite clearly has a change of heart tonight though as she finally goes to meet Gordon, the man she believes to be her father – but is it all a ploy in her ongoing feud with Phil?

Sharon certainly surprises her hubby when her meeting with Gordon – played by Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels actor Stephen Marcus – goes surprisingly well and she soon invites him to Walford to meet everybody.

This doesn’t exactly go down well with Phil though, which will surely lead to even more fighting and scheming between him and his wife.

It comes after Sharon learned back in March that her biological father could be pretty close to home and might even be an Albert Square resident, leading to much speculation about his identity. Some fans even thought it could be creepy funeral director Les Coker.

The introduction of Gordon hasn’t stopped the speculation though. One viewer took to Twitter to suggest that Sharon’s dad could have something to do with the return of Kathy Beale – now THAT would be interesting!

One thing’s for certain – you DON’T want to miss EastEnders tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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