Troubled teen believes he killed his guardian


Hollyoaks’ Newt believes he must be a murderer when foster dad Jack Osborne disappears.

The schizophrenic teenager is so delusional that he cannot separate reality from fantasy.

Still very much alive, pub landlord Jack has  faked his own death as an insurance scam to clear his debts.

But Newt is so sure he’s dead, even when Jack rings his family to tell them he’s okay, he thinks the caller is a ghost.

‘Newt is distraught when he hears Jack’s voice on the phone,’ says Nico Mirallegro, who plays Newt.

‘He convinces himself he must have killed his foster dad in some way and is now hearing voices from beyond the grave.’

The troubled teen’s mental state deteriorates when he is told pal Eli is simply a voice in his head.

‘When Newt is then told Eli is a figment of his imagination he gets really confused about what is real and what is not,’ says Nico, 17.

The episode will air on Thursday 17 July on Channel 4.