Show gets shake-up with huge twist in season finale

Desperate Housewives has stunned US fans with its latest twist – the action will jump forward 5 years when it returns for the next series.

The 2-hour season finale aired in the States on Sunday night – and the final 3 minutes revealed what has happened to the characters in that time.

Gabrielle Solis, played by Eva Longoria, 33, has become a worn down mum-of-two while Bree Hodge – actress Marcia Cross, 46 – has become a successful cookery book writer.

Lynette Scavo, played by Felicity Huffman, 45, is still trying to control her troublesome brood, now all teenagers.

But the biggest shock is that 43-year-old Teri Hatcher’s character Susan is no longer with husband Mike Delfino (James Denton, 45). She is seen warmly embracing a mystery man in the final scenes.

The show’s creator Marc Cherry, 46, had hinted at the timeline change earlier this month when Nicollette Sheridan, 44, was seemingly written out of the show.

He said: ‘She won’t be back for a few years’.

In an episode shown in America on 11 May, her character Edie Britt was seen packing her belongings and leaving Wisteria Lane after falling out with the rest of the female residents.

Now Nicollette will reprise her role in the next series.

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