Actress shocks CBB housemates with revelation

Stephanie Beacham has revealed she was once offered £40,000 for sex.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant stunned her fellow housemates with the revelation yesterday, but refused to tell them when the incident occurred.

‘Highest I’ve been offered for a night is 40 grand,’ she confided.

A shocked Nicola T exclaimed, ‘For sex?’

After Stephen Baldwin misheard Stephanie, thinking she said just £40, Dane Bowers teased her by saying, ’40 quid and you didn’t take it? You could have gone out and got yourself a steak dinner.’

The 62-year-old former Coronation Street actress ensured housemates she meant £40,000, also telling them she believes in legalised prostitution.

But Stephanie insisted she didn’t think it should be seen as a ‘recommended profession’.

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