It's not like Bear to cause trouble...

Ex On the Beach has just started and already we’re losing one of the girls. But who out of all the cast are suitable enough to deliver the first eviction? It’s Stephen Bear. Obviously it’s Stephen Bear. And he does not hold back.

The Tablet of Terror beeps it’s horrific beep and a message appears telling Bear to decide who gets to leave.

‘I feel powerful, I’ve been summoned. It’s my time to shine,’ Bear says, before pausing. Then he reveals his decision, in typical Bear fashion: ‘Chloe you’ve got to go babe, you’re boring.

‘You’ve ruined everyone’s time here.’

Is Stephen Bear causing controversy? Of course he is...

Is Stephen Bear causing controversy? Of course he is… [MTV]

Tell us what you really think, ay.


The pair haven’t been best mates this series. Firstly, Chloe didn’t get with old Stephen, which is probably why he’s most upset. Then she ruined his chance to get with Kayleigh after telling her he labelled her a dog. Well, she didn’t really ruin anything here since HE said it, but she’s gotten the blame.

And in response to her time on Ex being dramatically shortened, Chloe fought back: ‘Bear, shut the f**k up. What because you can’t get in my f**king f**ny?’

But later on Stephen is bragging about the elimination, saying: ‘You know what? That was fun. It’s nice to be nice, right?’

Chloe fires back: ‘You talking about me as per usual? Why am I always the first name on your f**king tongue?’

Bear, as quick as anything, says: ‘Have you had a good time here because I’ve had the best time. Do you want one of my shirts to pack?’

Jess and Stephen Bear

Unhappy times [MTV]

Exploding in a fit of rage, Jess pushes Stephen Bear and Jordan Davies gets involved to calm her down. Instead, he has the opposite effect and hits him on the head several times until they’re separated.

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Jordan says: ‘I used to like that girl but she’s a f**king d*ck now.’

So it’s good to see Ex On the Beach is just as crazy as the other reality shows.

Ex on the Beach continues on Tuesday 23rd August at 10pm, only on MTV.