Presenter says he hit the booze after giving up smoking


Steve Jones has revealed that he turned to drink after quitting cigarettes 3 years ago.

The T4 presenter says he was so depressed when he gave up his 40-a-day habit that he began to drink heavily.

‘I went through hell for 6 months. I went to a really dark place,’ he tells Attitude. ‘I can’t remember a thing, I was that drunk.

‘I thought: “To take away smoking, Jesus, is there any point going on?” I felt really depressed about it.’

Steve, 31, says he used food and alcohol as a substitute for his nicotine addiction.

‘I replaced every cigarette I would have with a tequila shot,’ he admits. ‘I ate and put on weight.’

But the ladies’ man says he’s now beaten his problems and is fitter than ever.

‘I came out the other side, I got my s*** back together and hit the gym,’ he says.