Viewers were not impressed in the slightest


The One Show is not often a programme that breeds much opportunity for controversy.

Aired early in the evening and viewed by millions, it’s a great example of quality, family-friendly TV. However, Tuesday night’s (2nd May) edition proved to be more controversial than usual – as viewers noticed something illegal going on in one of the segments.

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The topical magazine show featured a father and daughter who were to retake parts of their driving tests – hooked on the fact that there will soon be changes made to the exams.

However, some viewers quickly pointed out that dad Gordon had a number plate on his car that didn’t fit the standard regulations for the DVLA.

Daughter Lily, dad Gordon, and the offending number plate (right) (Photo: BBC)

Oh dear.

‘Can you believe #OneShoe demonstrating new DVLA Drivers Test with a car displaying illegal personal plate – #AssessorFail’, Tweeted one unimpressed viewer, while another simply pointed out:

‘Two people on the One Show retaking their driving test. One had an illegal number plate.’

Another claimed that if Gordon had sat his test in the car with the incorrect number plate, he should have failed immediately:

Good observations – and an awkward point to be made, especially when the segment’s about following the rules of the road!

However, this mishap was soon explained by the test centre, who responded to a concerned viewer via the social media platform:

‘The assessment took place in the white Suzuki with a standard regulation number plate, and not in the other cars shown.’

Phew! So it looks as if Gordon’s all in the clear.

Now, excuse us while we go and brush up on our driving theory…