Essex's slimming queen is all for a reunion between Mr and Mrs Cole

Ellie Redman, the woman behind the TOWIE catchphrase ‘No carbs before Marbs’, approves of Cheryl Cole letting love rat Ashley back into her life.

‘If Cheryl wants to give Ashley another chance I think that’s good,’ says Ellie.

‘She’s left it 2 years and she’s not found anyone else she loves.

‘I think it’s the right time, she probably wants to settle down and have a baby and there’s no point doing that with someone you don’t love.’

The Only Way Is Essex
star, 19, believes that with Ashley by her side, Cheryl can make a strong comeback from her US X Factor humiliation.

‘I think she’ll be fine,’ she tells Now.

‘The public have always loved Cheryl because she’s always been so strong and down to earth.

Cheryl’s been through so much, she just needs someone to love and support her.’

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