Michael Schumacher is the programme's in-house racing driver

Michael Schumacher has been unveiled as the Stig on BBC motoring show Top Gear.

The programme’s in-house racing driver has only ever been seen wearing a helmet with a dark visor.

But in an interview with host Jeremy Clarkson at the start of the latest series, his true identity was finally revealed. 

However, it is unclear whether he really is the Stig or if it was all a stunt. 

‘The director says he has never seen anything like it,’ Jeremy wrote in his newspaper column.

‘Hardened, emotionless camera crews said the hair on the back of their neck prickled.’

Former Formula 1 driver Perry McCarthy was the original Stig, wearing black overalls for his appearances.

He was replaced with a new Stig, dressed in white, after he revealed his identity in his 2002 autobiography.

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 Michael Schumacher


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