Vicky Pattison's friend knows her talents

The Valleys star Jenna Jonathan thinks stripping off is her greatest skill.

The cast have taken their raunchy show on the road for a Valleywood Nights tour in the latest series and Jenna, 22, admits she takes her clothes off a lot as it’s what she does best.

‘The Valleywood Nights tour is hilarious,’ the curvy model says.

‘I am the pretty one so I think all I can do is look good. And strip.’

Jenna – who is often seen out partying with Geordie Shore‘s Vicky Pattison – might be used to baring her bod but even she was surprised at how crazy she got during filming of season three.

‘I didn’t think it would be possible for it to get any wilder,’ the reality star tells the Daily Star.

‘But we did it! I felt broken at the end of this series. I think I was constantly drunk.

‘We need to get in shape before the series as we were ruined by the end. I put on a stone in weight from boozing.

‘[In the first episode I got] my tits out in the first minute. I don’t know why.’

The Valleys is on MTV at 10pm on Tuesdays.

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