WHAT?! Emma Willis admits she thought it was a fluke that she got into telly and doubted her abilities

Emma Willis seems to have it all. The gorgeous presenter hosts some of the biggest shows on TV including Big Brother and The Voice, has a successful showbiz marriage to McBusted star Matt Willis and balances it all with being a mum to her two children.

But despite her achievements, Emma admits that she battled insecurities for many years. The former model feared that she’d only landed a job on television because of her good looks, causing her to lack confidence in her skills.

‘I felt I’d got into TV by a fluke because I’d been a model; I looked alright and could string a sentence together,’ says Emma, 38.

‘I never believed they were 100 per cent behind me for my ability as a presenter.’

It wasn’t until she began hosting a Big Brother spin-off show in 2010 that Emma really began to believe in herself.

‘I lacked self-belief until I started doing Big Brother’s Little Brother,’ she explains. ‘I knew then it was something I could do for hours.

‘I feel comfortable now and I’m really glad it’s taken time. You want to be the slow-burner, not the firework that just explodes.’

Now that she’s hit her stride Emma hopes to remain a regular face on the box for many years to come.

‘I want this to be my job until I retire,’ she reveals. ‘Because I don’t know what else I’d do.’

Go, Emma! The newly-confident presenter is seriously in demand these days; after hosting another popular series of Celebrity Big Brother, she’s back on The Voice on Saturday nights. Luckily she somehow manages to cram everything into her busy life.

‘We don’t actually film at the same time,’ she told TV Extra. ‘The Voice doesn’t start again until March for the live shows.

‘It’s all very in your face though, so I apologise for that! I’m trying to go away for a little while.’

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Anna Francis