Danny O'Donoghue's act Andrea Begley wins the final

The Voice winner Andrea Begley won’t stop being almost totally blind stop her from achieving her dreams.

‘Sometimes people hold back a lot because they’re afraid of “what if” but I went for it because – pardon the pun – the auditions were blind,’ Andrea told us in our exclusve interview recently.

‘It put me on a level playing field with the other contestants because the judges couldn’t tell what I looked like.

‘People are often judged on how they look, their expressions and whether they can dance.’

Andrea, 27, who was mentored by Danny O’Donoghue this year, has 10 per cent vision.

‘My vision was normal until I was five, but then I developed an eye condition called glaucoma and I’ve been gradually losing my sight since,’ she explains.

‘It’s been a process of adaptation and a challenge, but it’s one I’ve tried to accept rather than let it hold me back.

‘Things pop into my mind sometimes, like old family videos, birthday parties and a holiday to Disneyland.

‘In some ways, it’s nice I was able to see once because I can remember what people look like and what they mean when they refer to shapes or colours.

‘It was very difficult and very, very frustrating.

‘It still can be, especially if I drop something on the floor and have to get someone to find it for me.

‘I’m lucky I still have a lot of other abilities, like singing.

‘And my other interests – I’m doing a law degree – have helped me.

‘Also, technology is so amazing now I can do things I might not have been able to 30 years ago.

‘A lot more of the world is open to me.’

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