Security stepped up after charity single to support injured British troops deemed 'anti-Muslim'


Tonight on The X Factor the contestants will perform Hero, a new charity single to help raise money for injured British troops.

Security has been tightened at Fountain Studios in Wembley, North London, where the show is recorded, because a Muslim preacher has denounced the Help For Heroes cause as anti-Muslim.

‘Producers have spoken to CID and anti-terrorism officers about

the potential threat level — it’s being taken very seriously,’ a source tells The Sun.

‘We called in officers from Scotland Yard because of genuine safety fears.’

Lebanon-based Cleric Omar Bakri, 50, condemns Muslims who wear Help For Heroes wristbands. sell the record or see The X Factor performance.

In a recording put on a Muslim website, he says:

‘Even watching the show — those people are committing a form, a type, of muadaat (hatred). And that action is a form of kufr (non-belief)’.

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Holly Arnold