A contestant on the ITV gameshow was forced to hit back after trolls lay into her on Twitter


Thursday’s instalment of Tipping Point – y’know, that afternoon gameshow on ITV where people try to win cash by dropping counters into what’s essentially a supersize arcade machine – got people REALLY riled up, with viewers taking to Twitter to vent their fury.

And if you’re sat there wondering how on EARTH a gentle show like Tipping Point can create such a backlash, then let us explain…

The latest episode of the show to be shown on ITV featured contestant Debbie Cobbett.

Hailing from Southsea, Hampshire, the professional singer made it all the way to the final where she walked away with £2,050.

But whilst she was likely celebrating her win, viewers were less than enamoured with Debbie, with harsh commenters not holding back on Twitter.

Taking issue with Debbie’s rather chatty nature, social media users complained that she was ‘irritating’ and ‘annoying’.

‘Just caught the last ten minutes of and my word Debbie was just a little irritating 😬😱😂’ one wrote.

Another sarcastically posted: ‘You know what’s worse than contestants chatting throughout #TippingPoint? Nothing. (Remember that Debbie.)’

A third was pleased she failed to win the ultimate jackpot of £10,000: ‘I’m so glad she didn’t get the ten grand. Go away Debbie. #tippingpoint’

And they weren’t alone in their annoyance…


But as luck would have it, Debbie is also a Twitter user, and took to the social media platform to tell the mean trolls where to stick it.

She posted:#tippingpoint Can all of you horrible trolls please shut the F up and stop being rude about me? Thank you.’


The show actually being a repeat that was originally shown last October, and it turns out that poor Debbie had to defend herself then too.

An old tweet reads:#tippingpoint sorry to hear so many people didn’t like me on the show. I had a great day, I was on TV, and I won some cash :-)’

Indeed, on the show she confessed to needing a new bathroom, and happily said of winning £2,050: ‘It will sort out my taps.’

So, forget the haters, Debs – here’s to you and your new taps!