The recent Love Island evictee's not holding back


Another day, another Islander to say goodbye to – and this time, it’s Tom who’s departed from Love Island 2016, leaving behind on-off girlfriend Sophie, and room for even more drama and unexpected events to shake up the show.

Fresh from the villa, he spoke to Now about the whirlwind month he’s had – from his relationship status with Sophie, to the awkwardness of ex-girlfriend Emma-Jane joining the show. And with Sophie and Emma-Jane being slated to start a lesbian affair, Tom has a lot to get off his tattooed chest…

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Hi Tom! With all that’s happened, how do you feel about Sophie now?

I’m just as crazy for her. The hard thing wasn’t leaving the villa, the hard thing was leaving Sophie behind.

If we’d have left together, I’d have been happy as Larry, I’d have no worries. I’d be perfectly happy just to leave together.

How did you leave things?

We are officially back together. I’m happy.

After some roadbumps, Tom and Sophie are 'officially back together'

After some roadbumps, Tom and Sophie are ‘officially back together’

Were you angry when Emma-Jane, your ex-girlfriend, came onto the island?

I was shocked when she initially entered. She said that she’s not there for me but she’s giving mixed signals. I’m not angry with her – if she wants to do a TV show, that’s her choice.

Do you blame her for being voted off?

No, I don’t blame her, I blame myself for acting the way I did with Sophie.

Have you seen fans’ reactions to your behaviour on Twitter? What do you think, in hindsight?

I haven’t needed to look at Twitter to realise the way I acted. The day after, when Sophie told me how she felt, I knew that’ I’d acted like a child, very immaturely. I was a massive d*ckhead and I knew I had to change the way I was if I wanted to be with her again.

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Will you and Sophie survive in the outside world?

Yeah, without a doubt. Without a doubt. When you do Love Island and you’re put in a situation that might not happen in reality, the outside world will be easier.

How would you feel if she ended up getting with anyone else, now you’re gone?

I would be absolutely devastated if she got with anyone else. But, if that’s what she wants to do, then that’s what she wants to do. I’ve learned a lot from Sophie and I’ll always be grateful for what she’s taught me about girlfriends, and relationships…the way I look at things.

There are rumours that producers are setting up an opportunity for Sophie and Emma –your ex – to get together! Do you think that will happen?

[Tom laughs] Definitely not. That’s a weird rumour that I’ll laugh about – I don’t believe that’ll happen for a second.

Were you surprised seeing Terry move on from Malin so quickly, with Emma?

I do feel bad for Malin, I do feel for the girl. The way that she sees it, they were still together. He didn’t get a chance to explain how he felt. He wasn’t missing her.

Terry and Emma-Jane kissing on Love Island

Terry and Emma-Jane kissing on Love Island

Will Terry and Emma last on the outside?

No. The feelings aren’t there. They’re attracted to each other and they fancy each other, but they won’t win and they 100% won’t last on the outside – not with the long distance, and not for very long.

Do you think any couples are playing a game?

I don’t think anyone’s playing a game, necessarily. Now we’re in the final two weeks, people are very aware of the money, aware of the fact that it is a gameshow now. Up until now, people have been just bobbing along. Now we’re at the end, people are starting to realise what they’re here for.

Is anyone not being themselves in there?

It’s difficult, because you do find yourself changing for people in there. I’m not like I was in the outside world with Sophie. When I was upset, when I was moody, that’s not me.

Is it love between Nathan and Cara?

I wouldn’t say whether it’s love or not, because I don’t know how they are when it’s just them two – I can only go on what they tell me. But it does look like the start of something special.

Finally, who do you want to win?

Nathan and Cara, hands down.

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