He calls Lyds his soul mate - so why is he snogging someone else days before their Marbs reunion?

We all know Mark Wright’s a bit of a player when it comes to the ladies, but really, Arg, we expected more of you.

We caught portly TOWIE star James Argent kissing and cuddling gorgeous law student Ebru Sanlee – just days before his romantic reunion with on-off girlfriend Lydia Bright, 20, in Marbella.

And when we tracked down Ebru for all the goss, we were gutted to hear that our endearing Arg, 23, is not at all what he seems.

I thought he was genuine,’ says the heartbroken Ebru, 22, who first met Arg on a night out in Romford early in May.

I knew he wasn’t with Lydia and thought we were going somewhere, so I was shocked to read in Now last week that he was back with her.

‘I asked him if he was turning us into a “Mark and Lucy” situation but he swore that wasn’t the case.’

Now’s exclusive photos were taken on 18 May, just a week after Arg tried to woo Lydia back into his arms with a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce trip to London restaurant Nobu.

Ebru says Arg invited her to join him at one of his singing gigs at the Ivory Rooms in Billericay, where he stood on stage and proudly informed the crowd: I’m here with my new girlfriend,’ before pointing out a blushing Ebru to the audience.

The couple were snapped playing tonsil tennis, but Arg kicked off when he realised he’d been photographed.

An eyewitness tells Now: He panicked. He was begging for the pics to be deleted, saying: “Lydia’s gonna kill me – she’ll go mad!”‘

No such luck, Argy boy.

Read the full story and see the pictures of Ebru and Arg in Now magazine dated 20 June – out now!

Now cover 20 June 2011

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