The Dan Wootton interview - X Factor star Tulisa Contostavlos breaks her silence on Misha B and her strained relationship with fellow judge Kelly Rowland

Within just a matter of months, Tulisa Contostavlos has gone from being one third of urban group N-Dubz to becoming the new princess of British showbiz.

She’s been a revelation as the replacement for Cheryl Cole on The X Factor, silencing even her harshest critics who claimed there was no way she could make the transition.

I’ve watched closely as the 23-year-old has developed from a talented but angst-ridden young pop star to a confident and assured superstar.

As we catch up over tapas and Berocca (she’s desperate to kick a niggling cold), Tulisa‘s in the middle of a national scandal after attacking rival judge Kelly Rowland‘s contestant Misha B for her behaviour backstage on the show.

What I love about Tulisa is that, despite the over the top frenzy around her comments, she makes it clear there’s no chance of her backing down or apologising.

It’s rare for a celebrity these days to be so honest, but Tulisa always tells it as it is.

And for that reason, she’s decided to give her only interview – to me – to clear up all those rumours.
Babe, I don’t know where to start! Have you had any regrets about taking all this on?

No, I couldn’t be more content right now. I’m not letting any of this faze me.

What’s going on with you and the other judges? Do you like Kelly?

Yeah, I do. I have no problem with her.

Do you think she has a problem with you?

I think she’s upset about the drama over the comment I made to Misha. That did lead to some serious friction.

Kelly didn’t speak to you for the rest of the weekend, right?

She hasn’t spoken to me yet. She hasn’t said anything horrible to me either.

But when she came out the next night she didn’t address me when she took her seat.

Kelly’s clearly angry with you.

She hasn’t told me yet. I’d like to find out.

I thought after the show she might want to talk about it. If she does want to she still can.

Do you have any regrets about making the comments to Misha?

No, I’m happy I said it. People can give me as much stick as they want.

It’ll help with her attitude.

Read Dan Wootton‘s full interview with Tulisa Contostavlos in Now magazine dated 7 November 2011 – out now!


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