Contestant escorted off stage by security

George Gerasimou made the launch night of The X Factor 2011 one to remember.

He insulted Tulisa Contostavlos, was reprimanded by host Dermot O’Leary, criticised by Take That star Gary Barlow and booed by the crowd who weren’t in the least impressed by his out-of-tune vocals. 

‘You’re just a scumbag from Camden,’ George told N-Dubz star Tulisa after she and the other judges halted his audition halfway through.

The 19-year-old, who received death threats after losing his temper on the show in 2009, insists he was provoked into the spat.

‘She verbally attacked me, ranting and raving at me about how my attitude hadn’t changed,’ he claims.

‘Tulisa got very aggressive. Bits have been edited out to make her look like the next sweetheart. But she probably got angrier than I did.

‘She’s completely diffierent to what people see. She speaks like a hooligan normally.’

George  – whose insults were partly bleeped out – is a Cheryl Cole fan. 

‘[Tulisa] is nowhere near as good as Cheryl,’ he tells the Star On Sunday. ‘The show has gone pear shaped with Tulisa because of the way she acts.’

But the teenager is lucky the feisty rapper didn’t thump him.

‘If it had been two years ago I would have walloped him,’ Tulisa, 23, tells the Sunday People.

‘I’m an X Factor judge now, I’m not allowed.’

An X Factor spokesman says: ‘George‘s behaviour was neither provoked nor encouraged.

‘This was his second chance to audition and after hearing the judges’ comments, George displayed some aggressive behaviour, similar to his 2009 audition, and had to be escorted from the stage by security.’

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