Great British Bake Off contestant Tamal revealed that he was gay ahead of the semi-finals

There are few things we love more in life than settling down mid-week with a cup of tea to get lost in an hour of soggy bottoms and unpronouncable recipes in the Great British Bake Off.

Few things, but heart throb of this year’s Bake Off, Tamal Ray is one of them.

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He bakes, he’s witty and he’s a doctor – yes boys and girls, he’s only a doctor as well as an oh-so-adorable baker.

And while the nation’s female population dreamed of a perfect life of freshly baked cakes with Tamal, he revealed that he was gay.

‘I wouldn’t have a girlfriend, I would have a boyfriend, but I’m single at the moment.’

And of course, with it being 2015 and all, the internet reacted occurdingly. And it’s amazing.

There were of course all the women across the land who were heartbroken over the news…

Like, honestly, DEVASTED…

While other gals out there weren’t going to let a small thing like sexual orientation get in the way of them admiring their crush…

But while females of England mourned their Bake Off dreams, many men were head over heels with joy over the news…

There’s no doubt that Tamal won’t be short of any attention from anyone!

And most imporantly and amazingly is that of course, we all supported him for bravely sharing the news!

Oh Tamal, we may be heart-broken, devasted and everything else in between about our romance that will never be, but as long as you bake us a batch of cookies, we couldn’t be happier!

Amy Lo