Our Chezza's American dream is almost a done deal

Cheryl Cole‘s role alongside Simon Cowell on the US X Factor looks more certain than ever.

She’s set to move in with Derek Hough at their Hollywood love nest and the Geordie‘s clearly impressed TV bosses in America. 

‘If Cheryl was to be on the show, I think she’s proved that she’s a terrific judge,’ says Fox Network‘s chairman of entertainment Peter Rice.

‘She has a wonderful chemistry with Simon.’

Peter was actually born in the UK, so he has no trouble at all understanding 27-year-old Cheryl‘s Newcastle accent, a puzzle to some viewers across the pond.

It is the Fox Network bosses who will make the final decision about the US X Factor judges’ panel.

Simon‘s going to come to us and he’s going to say, “This is who I would like the judges to be”, and we’ll have a conversation about it,’ Peter told reporters at a US TV event.

‘It will be four judges as it is in England – it’s two men, two women… one of which will be Simon.’

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