Dancing On Ice star Vanilla Ice still has nightmares about one wild stalker

Vanilla Ice was saved in the Dancing On Ice skate-off at the weekend and he’s ready to win the reality show.

Ice, aka 43-year-old Robert Matthew Van Winkle, just hopes he doesn’t attract any new satanic female fans. Now married with two little girls, he’s given up his wild former ways.

‘There was a girl – a hot girl – years ago that followed my whole tour around – 50 or 60 shows,’ he recalls.

‘And she would be butt naked under her trench coat.She would show me herself every day [mimes opening a coat].

‘I didn’t think much of it but this girl thought she was possessed by the devil. Then she slipped a satanic bible under my door.

‘When they tried to make her leave the hotel she went down on her knees, put on this crazy deep voice and shouted: “He’s my destiny!” It was 15 years ago and yet I still think of it.’

Read the full interview with Vanilla Ice in Now magazine dated 7 February 2011 – out now!

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