Vanilla's Dancing On Ice training takes a nasty turn


Vanilla Ice was knocked out and left dripping in blood after he fell during training for Dancing On Ice.

The rapper – real name Robert Van Winkle – tripped and hit his head while dancing with partner Katie Stainsby.

Vanilla suffered a deep gash on his temple and a wound on his cheek that saw him rushed to A&E and in need of stitches.

‘I [felt] like I got hit by a train,’ Vanilla, 43, tells the Sun.

Katie scraped me off the ice.

‘I had no idea what happened at first – I was out for a few minutes.

‘There was blood everywhere.’

But the defiant Ice Ice Baby singer won’t let the tumble ruin his chances for a great routine on Sunday.

‘It’s the greatest show on earth until you crash,’ he said on Daybreak this morning.

‘I’ve got some bruising here and some make-up and a nice few stitches here and a cut.

‘But I’m going to be alright.

‘I race dirt bikes, this is something that happens, you crash you get up, you dust your shoulder off and you get back out there.

‘This fall is not going to set me back at all.

‘I’m giving it 110% and hope that’s good enough to get me through.

‘The show must go on!’

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