Prepare for your belly to hurt from laughing...


They say never work with animals and children. But when the children are your own and you’re working from home, you haven’t got much choice!

That’s what led to home life and work life colliding in SPECTACULAR fashion for one man today who now finds himself the unwitting star of the viral video of the year so far.

Appearing on BBC World News as an expert-type via video call, the man in question – Prof Robert E Kelly, who was sporting a sharp suit befitting of his expert status – began discussing South Korean politics live on air. But moments later, his toddler daughter bursts through the door and proceeds to do what looks like the classic ‘walking to the dance floor’ bop as she enters the room and plonks herself down on a chair next to her dad.

She’s followed by her what we assume is her sibling moments later – a runaway baby in a rambler!

The news presenter acknowledges the adorable gatecrasher’s presence but the Prof seems less than impressed, trying to shoo the rebellious pair and continue his very serious interview uninterrupted. But his family have different plans!

Next, a woman – assumed to be his wife – slides into the room Breakfast Club style and quickly rounds up the kids. She ushers them out of the room, but appears again moments later to shut the door behind her.

Video footage of the incident was quickly shared on social media by various BBC accounts including Radio 1 and Newsbeat, racking up thousands of shares, likes and big old LOLs within an hour of being posted online. One Facebook user confess to feeling for the Prof, writing: ‘Brilliant – only people that work from home with young kids know this feeling.’

But not everyone was impressed. One user commented: ‘I don’t like the way he ever so gently, passive aggressively pushed his daughter away!’

Another added: ‘The woman nearly pulls the poor kids arm out dragging her through the door!’

Watch the video below and see where you stand!