Brian McFadden's wife Vogue Williams on her new TV show Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

She’s used to the glamorous life as a model, DJ and Mrs Brian McFadden, but Vogue Williams, 29, has swapped creature comforts for hardcore survival in the Costa Rican jungle with adventurer Bear Grylls, 40, and seven other celebs on ITV show Mission Survive. We’re talking skinning your own dinner and sleeping with bugs. Yuck! Vogue reveals all.

Did Brian give you advice before you headed into the wilderness?
To stay positive and enjoy myself as much as I could. He thought I’d be quite good at it, but actually I was terrified. But Bear’s so cool, you just can’t say no to him!

How do you think Brian would’ve coped?
Well, I’m 100 per cent stronger than him when it comes to anything like that – he’d struggle with everything! He’d hate not having the food he wanted, where he’d have to sleep and having to get up and do so much every day.

What a diva!

Yeah, he’s more of a diva than me. Now that I’m back, he’s like: ‘I’d like to do something with Bear Grylls.’ I’m like: ‘Oh my God, I’d pay to watch that!’ I don’t think Bear could handle him!

Did you miss Brian?

Yes. When I wasn’t thinking about food, I was thinking about Brian. I did miss food the most though – all I wanted was a big pizza.

Did you have to kill what you ate?

No, but we had to skin and gut it. We had to eat rabbit and Tom [Rosenthal] decided to wear this disgusting rabbit fur with blood all over it around his neck. It was hard because I don’t even like cutting up a chicken breast.

Were there any arguments?

There were a few between certain people but nothing major. We were too tired and too hungry to argue. If someone’s difficult to live with in those conditions it would’ve been almost impossible.

Did your body change at all?

I lost about half a stone, but we filmed it just before Christmas so I was soon back to my normal weight! I just looked a bit skinny and my face was quite gaunt.

* Bear Grylls: Mission Survive is on ITV at 9pm on Fridays