Nick Bateman is the original reality TV bad boy!


Step back Simon Cowell because Nasty Nick was getting people all fired up long ago. The first Big Brother villain, he sensationally got kicked out of the house in the first ever series back in 2000.

Why was he so nasty?
During his 36 days on the show Nick seemed to forget he was under 24/7 surveillance and played a dirty game of lies and deceit. He claimed he had a wife who was killed in a car accident and was caught trying to influence nominations. When his lies were finally exposed, Nick famously responded: ‘If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.’ Housemate Craig Phillips’s showdown with Nick made him so popular, the loveable Liverpudlian went on to win the show.

So was Nick banished to Room 101?
Oh hell no, he then went on to make a career out of being a villain. He’s appeared in a fair share of pantos, presented a TV show on BBC2 called Trust Me, written a book called Nasty Nick: How To Be A Right Bastard, edited a travel magazine and owns a porfolio of property overseas. He’s even worked as an after-dinner speaker.

Did he kiss and make up with Big Brother?
Nick returned to the house in 2010 to take part in Ultimate Big Brother with a host of favourites from over the years. He was the only person to be in the Big Brother house for the first and last episodes of the Channel 4 show. When it moved to Channel 5 Nick reared his head again, making regular appearances on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

Did all this nastiness scare off the ladies?
For a while, yes; he didn’t find love for a few years. ‘Before BB, I had no problem with women, but now they can’t get away fast enough,’ he moaned. That changed when he married stylist Lynnette Peck in 2006. They’ve since split up.

Lauren Franklin