Find out what the 50/50 host is up to now...

Remember her? 

CBBC would have been a far less jolly place if it wasn’t for Angellica Bell in the noughties. Obviously you have to be in a permanently good mood to be a kids’ television presenter, and Angellica never let us down. She showed up on children’s favourites such as 50/50 and Short Change – but what’s she been up to since? 

Law unto herself 

Angellica didn’t start out in kids’ telly. After schooling at private Notting Hill & Ealing High School, she did a politics degree at Bristol University before applying to do a law conversion course. She got her big break at the Beeb while working for the broadcaster in an admin role to save some cash. She’d done a bit of public speaking, acting, radio and TV at university. ‘It was like a hobby,’ she revealed. ‘The next thing I knew, the BBC asked me to screen test and I was on BBC One every afternoon.’ Angellica was a CBBC presenter from 2000 to 2006, when she quit to focus on television for grown-ups.

One Show star 

Angellica’s since worked as a roving reporter and hosted The One Show. Speaking about her struggles to get taken seriously after leaving CBBC, she said: ‘Working in children’s television, you do have that baggage for a long time and it’s taken me ages to get rid of it. Some people can’t see past it and think you’re not really an adult. I was surprised when I got the job on The One Show.’ 

Love comes along 

Angellica married fellow CBBC presenter Michael Underwood in 2010 after meeting at work. There was a lot of toing and froing beforehand, though, with Angellica admitting that Michael was ‘bitter’ about her career as she progressed more quickly than him. ‘He was a bit of an idiot to me,’ she revealed. Michael confirmed: ‘She was the cool presenter that swanned in. I may have come across as a bit of an idiot, but I never meant to. I obviously had feelings for her.’ The pair got hitched in New York and have two children together, Elijah, five, and Keziah, three. Angelica, now 41, has described their kids as ‘such amazing little people’. But will they follow in their parents’ TV footsteps?