The boos are coming in thick and fast...

Tempers are flaring in The X Factor camp as the acts are FURIOUS of Honey G‘s ‘special treatment – and producers are not happy with Ryan Lawrie and Emily Middlemas!

According to reports, the acts are getting annoyed that Honey G – an act so bad she makes most people wish for the glory days of Wagner – is getting the best props on stage and even sections of the show dedicated to fans dressing up with her.

You’d be annoyed too, right?

An insider told the Daily Star Online: ‘The acts are getting beyond tired of the Honey G show. They are embarrassed to be on the same show as her.’


But it’s not just inter-act anger bubbling away. The producers are NOT happy with show couple Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie because they spend all their time practicing PDA instead of rehearsing like they’re supposed to be doing.

Ryan Lawrie and Emily Middlemas

Here they are, showing affection again… [Twitter]

In fact, the pair are being accused of disappearing at pivotal moments. Young love…

The source continued: ‘Bosses are getting tired of Ryan and Emily’s relationship. They don’t put the time into rehearsing and spend most of the day kissing and cuddling and disappearing.’

So they are being that couple.

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This comes as Honey G was slammed this week for being disrespectful on Remembrance Sunday. Not only did she tweet begging for votes during the two minute silence, she also appeared to make what is being referred to as “gangster signs” while the rest of the cast sang their tribute song.

Oh The X Factor, when will you stop annoying everyone?