Sheila Vogel is proud to be a hooker

X Factor finalist Katie Waissel‘s grandmother doesn’t care that her family disapprove of her being a prostitute.

Last week, a tabloid revealed Sheila Vogel, 81, has been charging men £250 an hour for sex

Katie was very upset. We spoke on the phone but she wouldn’t let me talk,’ she explains.

‘She was screaming at me. It was very hard. In the end she hung up – as did her mother and father…

‘If they’re not going to accept me for what I am, I’m not going to say sorry.’

Although Katie‘s family initially released a statement distancing themselves from Sheila‘s activities, the blonde singer has since contacted her gran to try to make peace.

‘She phoned me and said, “Hi Grandma, I just phoned you to tell you I love you,”‘ says Sheila

‘And I said, “Katie, I love you too.”‘

Katie opened up about Sheila‘s job for the first time on TV yesterday.

‘When I heard the news, it was very tough,’ she said on This Morning.

‘I have spoken to her, there wasn’t really an explanation and I just think in life stuff happens and life is too short. You just have to pick yourself up and deal with things.

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