Singer reveals the power of his wild curls

Jamie Archer says his Afro sends the girls wild.

According to The X Factor contestant, who wowed the crowd and judges with his rendition of Sex On Fire, he’s slept with over 50 women who go wild for his hair.

‘Women love it. They want to run their fingers through it,’ laughs Jamie, 33. ‘It’s definitely helped me to pull.

‘After one gig this girl came out to my car, threw her handbag on to my seat and said: “So are you going to take me home?” And did I? You bet!’

Jamie‘s also not shy about getting his kit off – he’s confessed to streaking for a bet.

‘It was 4am and freezing,’ he smiles. ‘I only had my trainers on. My Afro kept my head warm. It was fun!’

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