Contestant has 2 teenage children as well as baby Ana-Maria


X Factor contestant Daniel Evans is not just dad to baby Ana-Maria, he also has 2 15-year-old children by different women.

The 38-year-old wife Jacqueline’s died of complications 5 days after giving birth last August.

But former partner Anne Daines, 40, from Romford – mum to Daniel‘s son Danny – is now helping him look after his little girl so that he can appear on the ITV show.

They met in 1991. ‘I was madly in love with him until I got pregnant and things changed,’ Anne tells the News Of The World.

‘I finished it when I was four months pregnant. I did my thing and he went off and did his for a while.’

Daniel’s new girlfriend Tanya also became pregnant with his daughter Mollie but the relationship didn’t last long and he returned to Anne for the next 4 years.

Today she and Daniel are good pals and Anne – a mum of 4 – really liked Jacqueline.

Daniel and Jacqueline were perfect together,’ she says. ‘Daniel was a mess when she died. Oh my God, it was awful.

‘The truth is he still hasn’t pulled himself together.’