After seeing her as Mental Megs in shows like Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother, you might’ve cringed when you heard Megan McKenna was taking part in The X Factor: Celebrity.

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But Megan, 27, proved every one of her critics wrong on Saturday night, blowing the judges away with an original song and showing there is so much more to her than the girl we got to know on The Only Way Is Essex a couple of years ago.

Here’s why we think Megan will – and SHOULD – win The X Factor and record deal from Simon Cowell.

Her voice

We’ve seen reality TV stars try their hand at music in the past, with a LOT of help from autotune. Think Jess Wright and Chanelle Hayes of Big Brother fame.

But Megan can actually sing, as she proved on Saturday night. After all, you don’t get a standing ovation from The X Factor judges for nothing.

Her song writing

While most people audition for The X Factor with their version of someone else’s song, Megan to a risk by performing Everything But You – which she wrote herself.

She certainly impressed with her song writing abilities, with Nicole Scherzinger commenting, ‘Thanks so much for so vulnerable and brave and to grace us with your story.’


Louis Walsh added, ‘To think that you wrote that song yourself is quite incredible.’

Even iconic song writer Diane Warren – responsible for mega hits including Celine Dion‘s Because You Loved Me and How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes – had praise. As Megan recieved applause from the audience, Diane was seen saying, ‘The power of a great song, man.’

Her dedication

It shouldn’t be about looks, but this is The X Factor and you have to have the full package – something Megan definitely has.

But more importantly Megan has stripped back her Essex girl look in an attempt to be taken more seriously as a musician.

Discussing her decision to have her infamous lip fillers dissolved, Megan, who was also wearing much more natual make-up, said, ‘I’m not gonna lie, I used to have a lot of lip filler in my top lip and it was a bit embarrassing, looking back.

‘I’ve had them taken out. I want to be seen as an artist and I can’t be on stage looking like that, can I?’

Her reaction

We’re used to seeing some amazing reactions from contestants making it through to live shows (we’re looking at you, Rylan…)

But, for the most part, the celebrity auditionees seemed to be playing it cool as they recieved the good news.

Except for Megan, who couldn’t help but break down in tears as Louis told her she’d be in the live shows.

And fans didn’t miss this, with one tweeting, ‘Just saying @Megan_McKenna_’s reaction to getting through to live shows… shows how much it is supposed to mean to someone!’

Her perseverance

As well as appearing in CBB and TOWIE, Megan previously attempted to launch her singing career by auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent – but was unsuccessful.

But she’s determined to make it work this time. Speaking to Fabulous, Megan said, ‘I know people judge me from the shows I’ve been on, but I was growing up on telly, making mistakes, saying stupid things.

‘It’s difficult coming from reality TV and crossing over into music, but I feel the show could possibly be that point for me. Like, fully. I’m just so happy X Factor came up. I feel like people are going to really see my love for music and how happy it makes me.’