It was a story that broke the internet but Nicola McLean has insisted we need to remember it’s real people at the centre of Coleen Rooney‘s spat with Rebekah Vardy.

Fellow WAG Nicola – who is married to footballer Tom Williams – appeared on The Jeremy Vine Show today to speak in defence of her friend Rebekah.

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Nicola, 38, said, ‘I don’t know Coleen but I do know Rebekah. What she’s going through is really what nobody should have to go through so publicly. She’s got people saying that she hopes her baby dies, she’s seven months pregnant. She’s had to take her daughter out of school.

‘I’ve never seen, in the whole time I’ve been in this industry, such social media and media backlash for someone.’

Coleen, 33, has accused 37-year-old Rebekah of leaking information posted to her personal account. In a move that had her dubbed WAGatha Christie by social media users, Coleen explained she deliberatly posted false information so only Rebekah could see it, only for the fake stories to end up in the tabloids.


But Nicola reminded viewers that Rebekah has insisted she’s innocent, adding, ‘Rebekah has catagorically denied this, I’ve spoken to her personally. She’s taken legal action and she’s said that if it someone from her account she will find out who it is and she will deal with it.

What she’s shocked about, and what I quite agree with, is how publicly Coleen did it. Coleen was very clever to say, “It’s Rebekah Vardy’s account”. So that’s not her saying it’s Rebekah, it’s saying it’s someone else with access. And, if she thought that, shouldn’t she have called Rebekah?’

Coleen’s savvy way of exposing the account behind the leaks led to an explosion of social media memes.

However mum-of-two Nicola didn’t find them funny. ‘Do you know why I’m not amused?’ She said. ‘I think we’re all so hypocritical, including you guys for putting [the tweets] up, I’ve just got to be honest. We’re quick to sit here and say social medial, the bullying, it’s horrendous, young girls are having such bad anxiety with it and then I’ve just said to you that Rebekah, who is seven months pregnant, cannot stop crying, she’s had to take her kids out of school, she’s had to come back from her holiday.

‘She’s devastated, she doesn’t see the funny side of this but we’re all laughing about it. I’m trying not to be too serious but I’ve seen the impact that it’s actually had. Until it’s proven that it was Rebekah I don’t think that a pregnant woman should be hounded the way she is being hounded. ‘