Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch have quit social media to help their mental health.

Stacey and Sophie have bonded over their babies and love of cleaning and now the pair have made a pact to give up social media for 24 hours in a bid to help their mental health.

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Stacey uploaded a snap of the “pinkie promise” they made each other to put down their phones for a whole day.

Stacey captioned it, ‘Sometimes it takes someone who loves you to tell you that you NEED a day to just switch off! So we pinkie promised each other last night that today we will not go on any social media for 24 hours! We are both excited but also a little nervous for some reason!’

And she invited her followers to do the same, adding, ‘But we’re gonna do it! So tag the one person you know who needs a break away from the social media world right now and get your pinkies out. We love you all and we’ll be back tomorrow! xxx.’

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I haven’t had a picture with the four of us in so long. Mostly because the older boys are far to cool for pictures with mummy 😂 But tonight much to my surprise they jumped in on a picture Joe was taking of me and Rex and even better than that, just by chance we all chose pyjamas that were a shade of grey, which in my eyes is matching and I promise I had nothing to do with it 😂 With that and organising my spice cupboard Thursdays don’t get much better 😂Hope you’ve all had a lovely day! 🤍 Lots of love 🤍

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Wonder what they will do with their spare time? Well, hopefully Stacey and Mrs Hinch take a well deserved rest and put their feet up as when they’re not being devoted mums to their sons Rex and Ronnie, they’re implementing the next tidy hack or preparing to clean for a tap to tidy.

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A day spent doing the most simple things are by far the best days ❤️ @staceysolomon we love you! #ronnieandrex 💙💙

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In Mrs Hinch’s last post before her pinkie promise, revealed she was struggling with her emotions, after her sister popped round. She told her followers, ‘I literally cried because I feel like he’s dressed smart and he hasn’t been invited anywhere! All dressed up and nowhere to go. I feel bad about it so me and my sister are going to take him out to my mums for a cuppa and a cake. I AM strange! These emotions are something else. Smartie boy, why do I feel so upset. love him so much.’

We can’t wait to see you both back tomorrow!