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Last year he almost lost his TOWIE job and the love of his life. Now James ‘Arg’ Argent has totally transformed his life. Four months after checking himself into rehab for low self-esteem issues, Arg has lost an incredible 4st.

In our exclusive interview and photoshoot Arg – who in the past was cruelly dubbed ‘large Arg’ and ‘the tubby crooner’ – poses topless for the very first time and credits the love of his life, girlfriend Lydia Bright, 25, as the main inspiration for his incredible transformation, as well as his newfound passion for boxing and weight training.

‘When I was in treatment. I knew that if I wanted my job on TOWIE and Lydia back, this had to be my turning point. I needed my whole lifestyle to change – not just my wild partying, but my daily routine and my friends,’ Arg admits.

Watch Arg talk about his diet and fitness routine in our video here

After ditching the junk food and quitting alcohol, Arg has been working out five times a week with a personal trainer at Supreme Being Fitness in Essex, and eating healthily from a company called Muscle Food who deliver lean cuts of meat, vegetables and healthy snacks to your door. And he’s never looked, or felt, better.

‘I went to rehab for my low self-esteem issues and being in recovery meant I had to change my whole lifestyle. It wasn’t just learning about my problems – it was learning to love myself. Now I know if you eat rubbish, you feel like rubbish. It’s a vicious circle and it brings you down.’

And despite yo-yo dieting in the past, Arg is adamant he will never pile the weight back on.

‘This time it’s a change for life,’ he says. ‘I want a six-pack this summer and in a month or two I’ll be there. I really want a TOWIE shower scene in Marbs, to walk out with a towel round me!’

Here, in another Now exclusive, on sale Tuesday 21 April 2015, Arg shows off all his hard work and reveals exactly how he did it. Read Arg‘s full interview in Now.

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