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Hands shaking, arms folded and a complete look of panic captivating her face.

We all knew our swimwear shoot with Kellie Maloney was never going to be easy.

After weeks of back and forth reassurance from both Now and her agent Victoria that this would be one of the final steps to self-acceptance in her journey so far, it was a miracle we managed to get Kellie into our East London photo studio at all.

Despite instantly agreeing to our swimwear shoot the second we suggested it, would her overwhelming fears and inhibitions allow her to follow through with it on the day?

For the usually private Kellie, who surgically became a woman on 25 March, this truly was her biggest challenge so far which you can see in our emotional behind the scenes documentary of the day.

‘I’m a little bit worried, a little bit apprehensive. I’m very conscious of how I look like and my appearance,’ Kellie revealed upon arriving on set. ‘It’s quite a worry.’

However, after a cup of tea and an hour with our glam team, Kellie prepared to walk on set and bravely remove her robe.

‘At first I found some of the poses awkward and difficult, but it’s something I have to get used to,’ she tells us. ‘Especially when doing my selfies [Laughs]. I warmed into it though and everyone was very helpful, and made me feel very special. I feel liberated.

‘I’m surprised how the pictures look; it’s certainly different isn’t it?’ Kellie spoke in genuine disbelief.

Once the shoot had wrapped, the 61-year-old boxing promoter then went on to reflect about her big day.

‘It’s given me more confidence, it’ll certainly make the summer easier for me. Everyone was betting if I’d go on the beach when I go on holiday to Malta this summer and I said no – but I won’t be so shy now.’

The father-of-two also spoke openly about how his daughters will react to her most revealing shoot so far.

‘My daughters will hopefully react well. They might say I need to lose a bit of weight or shouldn’t pose like that.’

See the pictures from the shoot here, and read how Kellie’s life has transformed so drastically since we saw her in the Celebrity Big Brother house last year.