V Festival was *quite* the event for the lovely Mark Wright- and we were lucky enough to catch up with the ‘fella before all that Danny Dyer drama…

And, with a Mahiki Rum cocktail in hand (man after our own heart), it looked like Mr Wright was having the time of his life- catching up with Kat Shoob, who had taken the CelebsNow camera’s for a spin at V Fest, in the Mahiki Rum VIP area at V Festival.

Calm before the storm !! V fest !!

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Speaking to Kat, Mark shares that he is fresh from Jess Glynne’s set (having made a quick pit stop back in the Mahiki Rum area to quench his thirst)- adding that the Mahiki hangout was a perfect place to ‘escape’ all the festival madness. More on that one later…

However, it looked like all the festival madness had caught up on Mark- as Michelle Keegan’s hubby added that it was unlikely he’d be showing his face during the Sunday festivities because he’d probably be suffering a pretty big hangover. Better put that cocktail down and sharpish, Mark!

And what would Mr Wright suggest we should be rocking this festival season?! Well, apparently we should just look like we haven’t tried to hard. Yup, as simple as that!

The festivities came to a dramatic end for the lovely Mark Wright, however, as Now exclusively revealed that his feud with Danny Dyer reached boiling point as Mark’s friends seemed to come to blows at the event on Saturday.

Yup, the Mahiki VIP area was were it was at people.

Alice Perry