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Sometimes we all need a bit of a push off the sofa, away from the Jeremy Kyle and onto the treadmill.

But when you’ve got a little blighter to run around after, the task of jumping around dressed in all Lycra can seem less of a chore and more like a monumental achievement.

Mum’s of the world, we come with news of a fitness saviour! Like Mr Motivator (if he had the voice of an angel), we give you the wonderful Sam Bailey

And not only does Sam have the title of X-Factor winner under her belt, but she also has three kids under her wing making her one VERY busy Mumma Goose. However, this hasn’t stopped 38-year-old Sam dropping from a UK size 18 to an incredible size 14 in the last ten months through exercise and a healthy diet, and doesn’t she just look fab?!

And no, this isn’t the sort of magic that happens to the very lucky people of this planet that are blessed with amazing singing voices (or we’d be doomed) as when Now met up with Sam, she shared some of her gold-dust fitness tips tailored especially for extra busy mums.

Mrs Bailey says, ‘My little tip for you mums is to do all your interval training, all your exercises whilst you’re on your own at home, kids are at school, whilst you’re watching Jeremy Kyle. Or even at night, kids have gone to bed, watching a bit of Eastenders’…Exercising WHILST watching TV… we like your style Sam.

And what should I be doing whilst I’m TVcising (you know, TV exercising), we hear you ask. Sam advises,’Whilst Eastenders is on, you do two and a half minutes of sit-ups, but you do 30 seconds of sit-ups 10 seconds rest.Then 30 seconds of push-ups, ten seconds rest. You do that for about five minutes then you can change it up a little bit, then you can stand up and do some lunges and some squats. And if you do that every day whilst Eastenders is on, we all know it’s on four nights a week, then that will really help you loose weight’.

Thanks Sam, we’ll be parking our exercise mat right in front of the telly from now on!

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