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Now that we’re nearly in August, and the weather’s a step up from gloomy, it’s safe to say the summer has finally hit our shores!

And with hot weather and free time often comes holiday, a time to let your hair down and get a little bit wild…

Katy Perry party gifAnd it there are some people who know exactly what it’s like to party and have fun, it’s the dear folks of TOWIE.

Look! Megan McKenna’s chopped her hair off – and it looks amazing!

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We caught up with Bobby Norris, Danielle Armstrong and Megan McKenna to find out the wackiest things they’ve indulged in while in the throes of holiday excitement. And seeing as the ‘I have never’ game has gone down so well in the past (ahem), we thought there’d be no better way to extract the saucy information from them!

Having just returned from filming The Only Way is Mallorca, Bobby, Megan and Danielle were full of holiday stories – and as the new series has already shown, a LOT went down that will have an effect on TOWIE series to come.

Watch the video above to find out whether these guys have ever done the deed with a stranger, gone skinny dipping, and much more…