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Their unconventional love story has captivated the hearts of Geordie Shore viewers since series one, and even now Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle can’t seem to let it go.

Well, kind of.


During a Twitter Q&A session live from Now HQ earlier today, the duo dived down memory lane while reminiscing of their turbulent time together.

With Gaz even joking about Charlotte’s newfound romance with Love Island star Max Morley, asking: ‘Who do you prefer, me or Max?’

‘I like you both in different ways,’ Charlotte then laughed in reply. ‘You know what I like about him? He’s 6ft3. How tall are you again?’

As conversation then turned to a comparison of penis sizes, Charlotte also gushed about her new man and accused Gaz of being ‘jealous’.

‘He came to mine last weekend with a big bunch of flowers,’ she gushed. ‘He also got us some popcorn which shows he listens, cause I can’t eat gluten and that’s got none in.’

While pondering back further over their time together, Charlotte added: ‘Me and Gary have a deep connection, but me and Max are just starting out and we need to get that deep connection. We were never official; I’ve never even met his family before… I’ve never even been to his house!’