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Gogglebox just wouldn’t be the same without our favourite ‘posh’ couple Steph, 49, and Dom Parker, 51. In fact, they’ve kept us hooked with their endless banter, non-stop drinking and laugh-out-loud one liners.

Gogglebox’s Steph and Dom on swingers parties, separate beds and Jimmy Saville!


Now was keen to catch up with the duo so we headed to their very fancy B&B, The Salutation in Kent, for a cheeky catch up.

You’re seen as posh. Do you know any un-posh people? Do you hang out with them? Everyone’s got a ‘rough side’ of the family haven’t they…
: What? Skanky relatives in the closet somewhere? There’s your brother Dom…
Dom: He’s not skanky. He’s just slightly different. He’s a lot older, he lives in Australia – he’s a bit boho.
S: He’d probably wear a bandana. He’s a musician, kind of.
D: He’s not…
S: To answer your question –we don’t have a Middleton brother hiding in a bang-bang house in Ibiza.

What’s been the highlight of your marriage?
: This whole thing that’s happening to us now is a highlight. Obviously having children is a highlight. The joy of our relationship is our humour. That’s the glue, because it’s there everyday, guaranteed.

Are your two children – who are at boarding school -embarrassed that you’re on television?
: No not really. I don’t think they care very much… (starts talking to her coffee…) I’ve already put sugar in here. I have got six sugars in here now. Shit.
D: Have you? I haven’t seen you put sugar in.

Steph, you like the finer things in life but would you ever shop in Primark?
: I do. I’ve bought three pairs of flared jeans.

What other high street shops do you like?
: River Island, Topshop, Zara. It all comes from the same place anyway.
D: It all comes from China.
S: Primark pyjamas are the best in the world. I gave mine away. They only cost me £1- I’m very generous when I’ve had a drink or two…

Dom, how many coloured corduroy trousers do you own?
: (To Steph) You probably know more than I do.
S: Three…four…six, I would say.

Steph, do you buy Dom’s clothes?
: Yes, I’m responsible for all of the tragedies that have occurred.

Your B&B is beautiful. Have you ever had any rude guests stay here?
: We had one wedding couple arrive for their wedding night. They lasted an hour and a half, she got in a taxi and buggered off!

Oh right…
: One of my employing strategies for a senior post is to get them thoroughly hammered, because then the real human being comes out. We had one guy, it was all going swimmingly until around about midnight when he just turned into a monumental, homicidal maniac.

So hang on… when you employ someone you make them drink?

D: If it’s an important post. We don’t make them sit and drink eight bottles of gin.
S: I don’t think it’s something that the MoD are going to pick up on…

Ever had any dirty guests?
: One bunch of guys left a terrible mess – pulled the shower door off, broke a chair- the guy was particularly large, and he sat on the chair and it completely disappeared beneath him. They’d abused the room, and nicked a couple of pillows…
S: Four.
D: I think it was actually two, but never mind, we won’t argue about it.
S: There’s been the odd loo mistake….
: It was some Australian bloke, who obviously got off the loo a bit quick, and just left it there really.

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