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Everyone wants to know exactly what goes on behind the scenes at The X Factor. Who styles the contestants’ hair? What’s the best make-up product? Are there any fashion secrets? Oh, and what IS trending now?

Well, you’re in for a treat as Now was invited backstage EXCLUSIVELY with Tresemme UK to have a nose around the dressing room of this year’s hopefuls.

Of course, we had our iphone cameras on hand to capture the action!


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First up, we stopped for a chat with Julia Carta, Chief Make-Up Artist on The X Factor 2015. Oh and FYI – she’s also close pals with Simon Cowell!

Speaking to Now, Julia revealed that the product she’s talking about the most is bodybling.

‘It’s like strobing for your face, but all over your body,’ explained Julia.

Watch the video to find out what lip colours Julia is loving this season…

Now also spoke to Gemma Sheppard, The X Factor’s Lead Stylist who is the lady behind this year’s incredible outfit choices.

When we pulled Gemma over for a catch-up, she told us that ‘velvet’ is definitely trending right now and that she’s ‘loving the 70’s vibes’.

Well, we’ll happily go along with what Gemma says – she is the pro after all.

Check out the backstage video for a peek at some of this year’s clothes…

Finally, a quickie with The X Factor Hair Stylist, Aaron Carlo, who is the main man behind some of this year’s enviable X Factor locks.

Surrounded by more Tresemme hairspray cans than you could shake a stick at and endless striagtners/curlers/brushes, Now was practically in hair heaven.

Aaron, who was busy styling Kiera Weathers‘ gorgeous tresses told Now that he reckons we should be taking more risks with our hair and having fun.

Watch the video to find out what Aaron thinks is trending right now…