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She’s tipped to take home the title of X Factor winner this weekend.

But away from being a superstar on stage and all of that, how well do you reckon Louisa Johnson, 17, actually knows her mentor Rita Ora?


Would she call her a mate? Is there any hate? Does she happen to know when she moved to England as a child down to the exact date? These are the types of questions we quizzed the potential pop star on during our (rather hilarious, if we say so ourselves) true or false game of ‘How Well Do You Know Rita Ora?’

And she, um, did alright to say the least?

We even got a little cheeky and chucked in a question about Rita’s love life to see if she’d spill any surprising details on the single star.

*Have a watch, have a LOL and make sure you grab a copy of this week’s Now for our full exclusive with the X Factor final four.