Yes-yes, you’re only as young as you feel but – thanks to the new wave of anti-ageing beauty tricks and buys, now you can look as young as you feel too…!

Now’s Style Content Director Gilly Ferguson has joined up with celebrity make-up artist Jo Adams to find out the top 9 tricks the stars are using to #DropADecade in 3 minutes flat!

From water-lining to Jo’s wonder ‘Fake-It Filler’ – and the overnight oil that Gilly swears by – Jo has helped scour @Superdrug’s aisles to make sure their tips are as bargainous as they come.

Whether it’s how-to ‘tight-line’ your way to ageless eyes in 3 minutes, or give yourself an insta-facelift in under 60 seconds – Jo is here to show YOU have to look you very best, Now!

Grab a notepad or prepare to get screengrabbing – stat – as these two walk you throw 9 easy-peasy ways to knock back the clock. The nude eyeliner and £13.99 B.Replenished Facial Oil have hopped straight to the top of Gilly (32 years old) Ferguson’s shopping wishlist for starters!

Have a watch of their TOP #DropADecade ageless beauty tips in the handy video above. And remember, #SmartGirlsFakeIt

Now’s Style Content Director and celebrity make-up artist Jo Adams share their tips – including:

  1. Which exfoliator you should be using
  2. How boosting radiance will knock back the clock
  3. How to de-age your eyes!
  • The eyeliner you NEED in your life
  • The ‘tight line’ Trick
  • The Eyeshadow
  1. How to get an insta-facelift!
  2. Proof! What a difference a good brow makes…
  3. The Lipstick Trick
  4. The Fake-it Filler!
  5. + WATCH the video for the MOST important trick you can do TODAY, to guarantee you’ll look ageless for life!

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